BW Greenhouse Info

Cozy up in a Brandywine Greenhouse!

Alongside the b-Domes you’ll find an intimate heated greenhouse set for two. Our Greenhouse experience includes a cheese and charcuterie board, your selections of our food + beverages made upon arrival + two hrs. creating memories with loved ones in a beautiful little greenhouse.

All safety and sanitation protocols will be implemented, just as they are in our dining room space. Prior to your reservation, the Greenhouse (and everything in it) will be completely sanitized. To ensure your party is safe as possible, at this time only one seating per night will be allowed.

Please note that this dining experience cannot provide recommended social distancing standards with everyone in your party. It is your responsibility to ensure your fellow diners are ones that are close to you outside this dining experience. If anyone has any Covid-19 symptoms or has been in close contact to someone who tested positive within the last 10 days, please stay home and join us another time. Masks available for purchase upon request.

Please prepay for your experience at the time you book your reservation so we can better prepare for your special meal in the greenhouse. Menu offerings found on our reservation system and sized for sharing. We’ll check in prior to your reservation by email or phone to see if there is anything we can do to make this experience more special for your party.

A 20% gratuity charge will be added to your bill upon selecting your food and beverages. There is no tipping for this experience!

No Carry-ins.

Due to this unique set up, our service provided will also be unique. To keep you warm and avoid letting cool air in throughout your greenhouse experience, we will have your beverage packages set up upon arrival. Shortly after arrival your ordered food with all utensils and everything you’d need to enjoy your meal will be served. We ask that you call us if there is anything you need while in your greenhouse.

We ask once you’re in the greenhouse, you remain there until your party is ready to leave. Cough, cough… try to use the bathroom before entering. However, if you need to “go”, we understand. Note it may just take a bit to warm the house back up!

Please do not move the heater in your greenhouse. We have the heaters in a specific location to prevent damage. Any heater moved during your stay may result in a charge for damage. If you require assistance with your heating unit, please contact us via telephone immediately. Please avoid touching the walls or grabbing a hold of the frame.

In the case of extreme cold, blizzard, or dangerous icy conditions, we may need to cancel reservations to ensure safety and your comfort level. In these cases, we will contact you to give you the option to either reschedule your booking or receive a complete refund. We will make every attempt to make the cancellations well in advance of your reserved time, but reserve the right to make fully-refunded cancellations in the case of emergent weather conditions at any time.

Ready? Let’s do this! Reservations can be made online anytime to reserve your very own Brandywine Greenhouse. We can’t wait to serve you.

Bundle up, we’ll see you soon. Cheers!

Please note: our process is subject to change. If you have any questions at all regarding this experience, please contact us via telephone. Thanks so much.